Our Approach

In 2009, the Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County launched a grant program, Teacher’s Vision Grants, designed to encourage creativity and innovation in the classroom.  Since 2009, contributions from our community have allowed us to fund a significant number of small grants to support teachers' programs that provide our students with learning opportunities that might not otherwise be possible. These grants have provided a wide variety of educational programs such as:

  • reading and literacy
  • hands-on and technology-driven math, science and social studies
  • career-skills training
  • new programs in music, the arts, and physical fitness

Our Story


The FPSEC Board of Directors is an all volunteer organization whose members are residents of Edgefield County and have a strong desire to support our public school system and its teachers. In order to direct the majority of the donations to our Teacher's Vision Grants, FPSEC has no dedicated office or hired staff. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please send an inquiry to edgefield.school.foundation@gmail.com or to our address below.


P.O. Box 28

Edgefield, SC 29824

Current FPSEC Board of Directors

Wendi Byrd, Co-Chair

Lori Robinson, Co-Chair

Gaye Holmes - Secretary

Iris Spires, Treasurer

Madeleine Bowers

Lynn Bowie

Terrell Bush

Beth Cali

Margaret Childress

Virginia Culbertson, Teacher's Vision Grants Coordinator

Gail Jackson