Our 2019 generous donors:

Local Business Support:

Barnes Used Cars

Edgefield County Hospital

Edgefield PC, LLC - Stacey Coleman

First Citizens Bank

Fish Camp Fellowship

Johnston Development Corporation

Martin Marietta Edgefield Quarry

Office Depot, North Augusta

PAC Tell Group/US Fibers

Palmetto Counselor and Consultant Associates - Ronald and Donna Strom

Polar Refrigeration (The Bohanans)

Reel Insurance Agency

SRP Federal Credit Union

Wells Fargo



Individual Support:

Anonymous in memory of Lois Clark and Laura Padgett

Veron and Robin Ball

Richard and JoEllen Barbare

Bobby and Nancy Bowers

Michael and Madeleine Bowers

Lynn Bowie

Cynthia Bull

Carroll and Gloria Burnett

Allen and Wendi Byrd







Individual Support (Continued):

Steve and Connie Byrd

Bill and Beth Cali

John and Betty Carey

John and Debbie Cheatham

Dean and Margaret Childress

Chris and Linda Clancy

Bridget Clark

Virginia Culbertson

Patsy Gilliam

Tommy and Sandra Grandy

Cherie Griffin

Jim and Connie Harling

Jonathan and Mandy Harling

Chris and Debra Hoffman

Thomas and Gaye Holmes

Gene and Sheila Huiet

Bill and Penny Hunt

Rob and Susan Keck

Danny and Tina Knight

Lisa Kuhlmann

Mike and Beverly Lipscomb

Clyde and Diane Marsh

Jim and Betsy Martin

Tillman and Jeanette Miller

Lovick and Helen Mims

Phil and Teddie Jean Musgrave

Malcolm and Suzanne O'Neal


Individual Support (Continued):

Billy and Helen Padgett

Joel Pedersen

Alan and Mary Perano

Carolyn Pettigrew

John and Mary Allison Pettigrew

Carolyn Piekielniak

George and Jayne Rainsford

Kenneth and Sherry Ray

Sam and Lori Robinson

Gene and Susie Scoggins

Marvin and Sara Sears

Allen and Clarice Simmons

Jay and Leigh Sloan

Jim and Beth Sloan

Sam and Faye Speight

Gladys Spires

Larry and Iris Spires

Julie Yonce Stribling

Doug and Connie Sutton

John and Anna Timmerman

M.O. and Arlene Traxler

Dr. Buddy and Becky Turner

Dr. Sharon Wall

Tony and Mary Watson

Sammie and Cynthia Williams

Tim and Susan Williams